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Mind Your Yard

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Nestor Wynrush On TourNestor Wynrush is my main drinking partner. Winn City to Bar I to The Red Cactus to Tavern to Times Changed, we put nuff dollars back into the economy. He also raps, better than you do. After some legal trouble involving his former alias, he emerged a new and incredibly confusing force to be reckoned with. Beatles covers and odes to flying above the clouds, lady. It’s a new day. The man known as Black N Roll and I sat down at different computers recently, and conversed via a social networking website about Winnipeg and food. We even managed to touch on racism, and worked his old album and handle into the conversation too. Satchel Paige’s “Guy, I’m From Here” will one day be more coveted than your favorite nerd rappers basement tape. Here’s how the conversation went…

Where exactly is the here that you are from guy? I’m confused.

From “Here”- Means many things. It means I’m from Canada. It means i am from Winnipeg. It means i am from Mississauga & The GTA. I got tired of growing up and being asked where I am from. I appreciate the question when it comes with no knowledge and people are just plain curious but some people mean to ask it in a mean and condescending manner. I am the child of immigrants. I am proud of my heritage. Being Canadian means that I can be proud of being Canadian and be proud of the culture of my family and still practice their customs. Too many people hate the hyphenated Canadian. I’m Trinidadian-Canadian, I am African-Canadian. They are both part of me. I will not renounce one for the other because that would be a lie. I live both or all three identities everyday. I am not pretending. This is who I am.

Why do you live in Winnipeg? Are you funny in the head or something? It’s cold here.

Winnipeg is cheap. Its a pretty multicultural city north of Portage Avenue ( Excluding The Harambee Development and some areas by the U of M). The city and the people have character. Its not city that tries to fool itself. My family first emmigrated to Winnipeg and then went to other places in the country so it feels like home. Plus its in the middle of the continent and that makes travel easy.

Its cold. I am crazy. Its so cold my mother moved and swore she’d never return. its been almost 20 years since she left and she has been back once for a weekend.

What’s up with the name change? What exactly is your name now? Terry Loxx? Black N Roll?

I had to change the rap name because the estate of the legendary baseball player, Leroy “Satchel” Paige was threatening to sue me. The lawyers chased me through email and mail for almost a year. They were asking for more money then I’ll ever see off the sale of any of my records. It seemed irrational to keep the name. I also got a letter from the family of Mr. Paige and it helped to change my mind and made a potential name change easier for me to digest. It became apparent that money was not the big deal to them they just wanted Mr. Paige’s legacy to be intact and under their control. After awhile I decided it was a wise decision to change my rap name because their would never be better timing. The official name is Nestor Wynrush. Black N Roll and Terry Loxx are just alternate but not official names.

You have a lot of stories about racism. What’s the story there?

I don’t mean to have so many stories about racism but racism has been littered through out my life. I remember sitting around in high school one day and thinking about how I’d like to plan and write an album. What would its content be about. I wanted to talk about my family’s experiences in a foreign country that may not have all the time been very receptive to them. I wanted to talk about my friends and their experiences, and most of all celebrate an aspect of the Fabulous Black Canadian Experience with all the fifty people that were to ever hear my record. It just so happens that racism has played a part in all of our lives. Therefore my songs reflect that. My songs also reflect: cultural identity, young love, barber shops, entrepreneurship, friendship, dream chasing, partying and other universal themes.

If your house has leaking pipes do you just choose to move or do you decide to be proactive and try to fix the problem? I view it as my family moved to a beautiful almost perfect new house (Canada) but it has pipe problems. Now we’ll all try and fix that shit.

On another topic, why are me, you and Bad Mannaz from Shadez never in the same place at the same time?

All those great drinking minds can not be in the same place at the same time. We’ll insult every rapper and discover new ways to hate Winnipeg. Winnipeg would implode on itself.

Bar Italia or Winn City?

Bar Italia for hot gals on a summer day and decent DJs and Winn City for a quiet time with the boys on any other day. Plus, Winn City is good for me and some others to get drunk and just stumble home. Both are clean but Winn City is clean and dirty. Did you know a waitress popped out a titty to us and…(edited for content, damn Black N Roll!!!)

Chicken or goat?

Don’t make me choose. For writing this question I choose to give you the Winnipeg handshake and watch you bleed to death.

And there you have it. But the answer to the age old question? It’s actually chicken AND goat.

For educational and entertainment purposes, here’s some tunes off of “Guy, I’m From Here”.

Desmond Ambrose *

Theo’s Gartrelle *

Joe Carter *

Anne Marie Green (Life Before) *

Enida Watts *

Replace * with s, at least until someone teaches me an easier way.

– Birdapres


i won’t be posting for a few weeks…

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i’m taking some time off from everything else in life to work on my new album, so, i won’t be posting any new stuff on here for the next few weeks or a month. bird, moves, it’s up to you guys to hold it down for a bit. and oh yeah, if anyone is reading this from new york, or has friends in nyc, come check out my show. word.



fritz tha cat

Oh no, not the piano…

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A 12″ Single. An all blacked out MAPL, signifying 100% Canadian Content. Justin Entertainment. 1991, Blast Records. Manufactured and Distributed in Canada by MCA. A single songwriting credit, (Chris Fielder). Published by Fumo Publishing. An artist with a touch of a Mid-Western drawl, who makes a reference to “Northwest D-Town”. Very confusing.

Ontario and Michigan share some musical history. CKLW in Windsor broke many Motown hits, back before the airwaves became the cluttered mess they are now. More recently, Obie Trice’s pre-Shady Records production was put down by Da Grassroots. Slum Village’s ‘Fantastic Vol 1″ made noise in Toronto before most of the U.S. caught on. It’s not a very long drive.

So after a few conversations and a quick google check, I seem to have put it together. Chris Fielder was a Canadian house producer. RazorBlayd was indeed from The D, and he’s now known as Axman. From his myspace bio…

“Axman was born on the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan and was the last of ten kids. So you already know that there were survival issues. Being around his two older brothers is what really sparked his musical interest because they had a record collection that was large and versatile. His older brother also had a little basement band which was always a treat to watch from the basement steps. This led to Ax being involved with the music programs at school from the 4th grade all the way through high school. In 1985 he and his family moved to Windor, Ontario which is right across the river from Detroit. He immediately joined forces with three other rappers from Detroit and a D.J. from Windsor. Even though some would disagree, it is a fact that this is what started the hip-hop movement in Windsor. Axman, along with the other members rocked numerous shows and soon gained respect in Windsor and Detroit. Axman soon started producing different local talent and even was a member of several bands. He moved to Toronto in 1990 to produce for an independent lable which led to his debut album, “Razorblayd (Razor’s Gruv)” , a distribution deal with MCA Canada and an appearance on the then popular dance show, Electric Circus. The album did fairly well. After two years in Toronto Axman went back to Detroit to spend time with his family and to set up shop in his hometown.”

A shout out to DJ Sipreano for supplying the photo, and for hipping me to this record.

– Birdapres

“Razor’s Gruv”

“Razor’s Gruv (Remix)”

Replace * with s


cousins of def – fried chicken flavoured (2003)

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cousins of def – fried chicken flavoured
(2003, low pressure records)


Track Listing:
01. The New and Improoved Hip Club Groove
02. Livin’ Foul
03. Daily Basis (feat. Moves)
04. Booze Heist
05. Hot Bar-B-Que(feat. Jon Diss)
06. Funnel!!!!!!!! (feat. Kaboom)
07. Handle
08. If Ya Aint Shit (Don’t Do It)
09. No Coast (feat. B-Side)
10. Down Ddown
11. The Real Green Party (feat. J Ras, Moves, Caspian, Kaboom and B-Side)
12. Today (Death)
13. Rap 4 Food
14. Hard Assed Outro

bending mouth (2002)

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bending mouth
(2002, vulgar)


“Selfhelp and Thesis came together for the first time on “Baby Ducks and Dragon Flys,” from the latter’s solo debut, The Adventures of Thesis Sahib and Friends, thus initiating the foundation for a partnership that would evolve into Bending Mouth. Representing both London, ON, and Halifax, NS, means an abundance of talent to tap for production on their independently released self-titled debut. More than half the production credits are shared almost equally between Kilgour (with some assists from Fester) and Toolshed’s Timbuktu, who sets the scene with quirky, mostly mid-tempo head-nodders. The rest of the tracks are contributed in small quantities by Jesse Dangerously (part of Imaginary Friends, with Thesis), Lazyman, G-Force and Creature Box’s Savilion, but the big coup is opening track “Stolen From Family,” produced by Sixtoo, and likely the best track on the album. But what is truly amazing is that even with the large number of producers, BM’s debut has a cohesive feel that wouldn’t be expected. On top of that, Thesis and Selfhelp have an undeniable chemistry that reveals itself through the subject matter and intertwined rhymes that is never jarring from one MC to the other. The lyrical wordplay rotates around the axis of social commentary and personal introspection, creating an album that not only sounds good, but means something, too. And to top it all off, how can you go wrong when Alf invites you to the group’s “unveiling” during the intro?”
-By Thomas Quinlan for Exclaim Magazine
October 08, 2002

flipkuma – the burnt rubber lung (2005)

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flipkuma – the burnst rubber lung
(2005, vinyl tap0


atherton & sire – a different way… (2006)

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atherton & sire – a different way of doing the same old thing
(2006, vinyl tap)


atherton & sire myspace.