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Fresh “off the boat” from Trinidad in 1992, Manchilde performed his first show alongside Thrust and Ghetto Concept, opening for Black Moon and Pharcyde. Upon relocating to Mont Real, Manchilde hosted club Metropolis’ Savoy Room where he opened for The Roots and Guru. By 1997, visits to NYC found Manchilde nabbing first place at the spoken word slams of the Nuyorican Poets Café. In 1999, Manchilde is featured on the nationally released debut album of Muzion, on BMG.All the while, Ziploks had cut similar ground as the hypeman and stage personality of his first project Def Threat. Ziploks was the one to coin the name Butta Babees. In the spring of 1997, the Butta Babees began their Sunday night Ill Groove Garden hip-hop radio show on CKUT 90.3 FM, where they’ve made a rawkus on live air freestyling with the city’s talented underground. Several productions of Manchilde and ZipLoks are featured on WordLife, Tales of the Underground Griots, a regional compilation of beats and poetry. -(taken from artist bio)

1. Understand Yourself 4:41
2. Man ‘N’ Motion 4:21
3. Green Sneakers 3:46
4. Baby Mother 4:19

-Big Moves

heres the fin reup march 23 2013


Formed in 1997, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This duo of Tacktishion and Trobiz are no longer together.

Intro 0:18
Look Around You 3:40
Nice Bombs 3:53
Overlords Assasins 4:16
Overlord Caravan 3:22
Vigorous 3:32
One Chance 4:01
Coleman’s Break 0:39
Knockin’ Out The Clowns 3:51
Devastation 3:25
Love Tales (feat. Cindy Cain) 4:06
Dome Tops 2:17
Dirt Devils 3:18
Trobasics 2:42
Water Break 0:25
Bless The Process 3:09
Steppin’ Outta Orda’ 4:10
Overlord Outro 4:53


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