1. Hey Living Underwater.

    My crew, The Raiders Of The Lost Art, from Edmonton just released an album. We’d love to get an opinion on what you think, and if you like it, maybe a blurb on your site.. you can check it out at http://www.theraiders.bandcamp.com

    get at me if you need any info at bluesteye@hotmail.ca


  2. Maruhyun says:

    Hey man I have replied on Tekniq download forum for request of re up loading abot two years ago.
    Now I come to this website where everything’s updated but you did not reupload tekniq mp3.
    I tried so hard to find the CD but couldn’t find it to buy.
    So could you please re upload???

    • moves says:

      i took over the blog from fritz and he wont send me anything ive asked for you and got no answers.

      • ryansomers says:

        heyo, i sent it to you. did you up it?
        i have moved across the country and all my records/cds/tapes/burned discs are in my mom’s basement back in ontario… so i don’t have most of my stuff to upload anymore… but will again one day.

  3. FilmMore says:

    Hi DJ Moves and Jay O Smooth,

    My name is Christopher Tallam, but my friends call me FilmMore. I run a video production company called http://www.filmmorefilms.com in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Currently I am working with a rap artist named KONGO. Together we are producing a web series called “Sorry I’m Not Your Favorite”. Every Monday up until the release date of his album, APRIL 15th 2012, we are dropping a video episode to let his fans keep in touch with him.

    I’d love to work with Living Underwater throughout the year.

    Feel free to check out my work with other various artists at http://www.filmmorefilms.com and more episodes of KONGO at http://www.youtube.com/613kongo

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  4. munashe says:


    I represent say word media, which is a platform for up and coming artists
    its aim is to promote Canadian artists, our first mixtape will be coming out in the next
    couple of days which includes 30 artists from the Toronto and Windsor areas.
    we currently have a rapidly growing fan base on facebook. Is is possible for you to feature an article about the tape ans sayword media
    lets put our artists on the map.


  5. Beta says:

    Hey guys, love the site!

    Check our NEW video out here, would love a plug on LU if you dig it!

    Homebased “Basics” –



  6. Britanie says:

    Hey Living Underwater,

    My name is Britanie Manning and I’m a publicist at LP Relations. I am curious to know what are the procedures to have a feature on your blog? It is for an upcoming artist who goes by the name of Don Meeno of Toronto, Canada. He currently had featured French Montana on one of his hit tracks ‘White Gold.’

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    Britanie Manning

    LP Relations
    Junior Publicist
    Twitter: @BriBlackBarbie

    http://www.LisaPersaud.com (Sept 2012)
    Toronto | New York City | Miami

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