v/a – rap essentials vol. 1 (1996)

Posted: September 12, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


v/a – rap essentials vol. 1
(1996, beatfactory)


track list:

a1 – rascalz – fitnredi
a2 – concrete mob – boiling point
a3 – down to erf – learn to earn
b1 – kardinal offishal – naughty dread
b2 – black-i – no lawz
b3 – wio-k – sunlight
c1 – red life – who’s talking weight? (remix)
c2 – dan-e-o – dear hip hop
c3 – scales empire – bright lights, big city
d1 – choclair – twenty one years
d2 – citizen kane – structure, foundation (what’s the plan?)
d3 – ghetto concept – u.l.

this was supposed to the album to start it all. ivan berry’s beatfactory productions scores the big distribution deal with emi, sets up a swanky office in downtown toronto, hires a staff of toronto hip-hop veterans, and launches with this, the first in a series of “rap essentials” compilations…

i could write about company overspending, a backwards creative a&r vision, and a complete misunderstanding of what it would take to establish something new in hip-hop in canada (originality kid, not mobb deep-wannabes…), but i won’t.

a decade later, this album is worth checking out. it’s not great. it wasn’t great back then, but i suppose a bit of nostalgia gives it a certain aged appeal.


fritz tha cat

  1. Andy says:

    Didn’t Sixtoo make a diss song about Beat Factory and Jonathan Ramos? I remember in the song “Destroy”/”Annihilation” where he spits the verse, “with Jonathan Ramos being the bitch holding the door/infamous beat factory, factory relocation” or something like that. – Andy

  2. Andy says:

    Can windows media player play .rtf files? I downloaded it and it came out to be a word document. – Andy

  3. ryansomers says:

    whoops, yeah, i fucked up… it’s all good now, i put up a new link… word…

  4. the weasel says:

    Yo Fritz!

    i thought this album was dope, mind you it had a nyc influence but the Chocs, Kardi, Wio-k, Dan-e-o tracks seemed original to me. I even got down with the Citizen Kane and Down to Erf tracks on it.

    The rest was kinda filler tho, but that concrete mob boiling point did hit hard.

    i didnt know beatfactory moved downtown at the time, but i guess that made sense??? I know you were there in the scene around those times. Who else was working at beat factory? How did they f$%& it up? As a fan, id like to hear the story, especially from your position.

    I have the nefarius diss of rapessentials, just ripped it off the cassette the other day!

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  6. Joe says:

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  7. Chuck Bizzle says:

    can you re-up this link? much appreciated

  8. Q-Dawg says:

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