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Still One Of The Best Canadian Hiphop 12’s Ever Released

This Side :
E-Z On The Motion (Full)
E-Z On The Motion (Radio)
E-Z On The Motion (Instrumental)
That Side :

Hard Copy
Hard Copy (Radio)
Hard Copy (Accapella)
Hard Copy (Instrumental)

-Big Moves



The Sebutones – Psoriasis (1996)

Posted: May 14, 2010 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

One day Halifax homies Sixtoo and Buck 65 decided to have a baby. the result of that romantic night together filled with red wine and wayne newton concerts on vhs was this great album titled psoriasis.

Seriously though this album is a good example of how Halifax was just on it’s own little peninsula over there on the east coast of canada, and really made different, original rap music because of that.

Again thanks to DJS for the digital copy, it says it’s a reissue but i don’t think it’s any different than the cassette version i own.

On a side note…. the 12″ for sebutonedef (first single off of this album) once sold for over 5 grand on ebay. so if any rap nerds wanna buy my cassette the bidding starts at your wife and a turducken.

right here son!!!

– Jay O

Long before the Tom Green Show or the internet one he has, Beat Factory released this record with his partners from Ottawa. Green was known as mc bones, the other mc was mc pin (now known as bigstuff) and the dj was that guy in the middle.

The raps are mostly tryin to be funny… but alot of the beats on here are actually pretty damn good. I think green did most of the production on there, but then again i believe shock g and humpty hump are two different people.


– Jay O

I was talking to The Stuntman at Fatt Matts pickle dogs about the Dream Warriors. We agree that no one before or since has ever rapped like King Lou. Weather that’s a good thing or not I haven’t decided yet. This is their debut album with wash your face in my sink, ludi and my definition of a boombastic jazz style on it.

Mr. Bubbunut Spills His Guts
My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style
Follow Me Not
U Never Know A Good Thing Till U Lose It
And Now The Legacy Begins
Tune From The Missing Channel
Wash Your Face In My Sink
Voyage Through The Multiverse
U Could Get Arrested
Journey On
Face In The Basin
Do Not Feed The Alligators
Twelve Sided Dice
Maximum 60 Lost In A Dream
Answer For The Owl

Judge for yourself.

– Jay O

This is actualy the cover for the album i got with mike murder “Love Songs For Filthy Hoars” which ill release someday to the itunes world. Mike is a real dope rapper and an asshole. perfect shit. i figure this album was produced by guha mostly.


Sixtoo- Progress LP 1996 Nova Scotia

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His Best Album In My Opinion. Sixtoo Been Homies With Me Since We Were In Highschool Together In 1991-94 also he was in H.C.G. with me also (he was the originator of the group, then quit the day before we started recording our first major label lp trailer park hiphop) Anyhow, Lotsa Hard Disses to Beat Factory On Here. This Album Was Made In Toronto On An Sp-1200 at Mark Costanzos Crib.


There was 2 12′ from this album , i never seen this for sale. Thanks to DJS again for this! (Still waitin on that Breakin’ Out Comp !! Haha) This is some classik Beat Factory Shit.