saukrates – still caught up 12″ (1994)

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saukrates – still caught up 12″
(1994, steppin’ bigga records)


side a
1. still caught up
2. still caught up (inst)

side b
1. still caught up (remix)
2. still caught up (remix inst)
3. skillz ta thrill feat. lj (lock jaw)

all lyrics written and performed by saukrates
produced by saukrates
engineered by alex g.
executive prodcuer: eugnene tam
a&r direction: john “bronski” adams
mastered by: b. muntz (daddy biggs)
management: soul ink ent.

the debut 12″ from toronto’s own saukrates, on steppin’ bigga records, the label owned by play de record‘s own eugene tam (somebody who is very familar to anybody who was a vinyl junkie in toronto in the mid-90s). the label on the 12″ is incorrect, as it says the instrumental is track 2 on side a, when in fact it is track 3 on side b. also, “skillz ta thrill” is labelled as track 3 on side b, when in fact it is track 1 on side a. whatever, you can download all 5 tracks and figure it out for yourself…

saukrates is a well-known canadian producer/mc, and, along with kardinal offishall (who can also be heard on this 12″, back when he was known as “kool aid”) and choclair, is one of the most prominent members of the circle crew, which is a toronto hip-hop collective made up of two sub-crews, “paranormal” and “f.o.s.” (figures of speech). some other members of the crew are lock jaw (featured on this 12″), marvel (featured on sauk’s third 12″, “hate runs deep”), solitaire, jully black (r&b), and ro ro dolla. in the mid-90s, right as the indie scene was taking off, these cats made some serious noise with a series of well-received 12″ singles, on various indie labels, including a few of their own (knee deep records, capitol hill entertainment, etc.).

saukrates went on to sign a major label deal with warner records in the u.s., in 1996, but was dropped before anything materialized. a few years later, he hooked up with redman and was signed to his def jam imprint, but again, nothing ever materialized. still active, saukrates has continued producing for a number of other artists, both canadian and american, indie and major, as well as co-producing and performing vocals for the toronto-based soul/funk/r&b/hip-hop supergroup big black lincoln. more to come…

fritz tha cat

  1. sipreano says:

    thanks for posting. this 12″ is new to me…

  2. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    Nice, never heard the “Still Caught Up [Rmx]” thanks for the link!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  3. HipHopFanatik says:

    Can you reup Saukrates “Still Caught Up 12″?”

  4. CessBone says:

    reeeeup plz

  5. json says:

    Can someone please re-up? Thank you very much.

  6. willyduwitt says:

    reeeuuppp plz damn i need never heard skills ta thrill

  7. ryansomers says:

    i’ve already upped this twice… somebody?

  8. ds says:

    no one will up 😦 Id like to hear this.

  9. ryansomers says:

    i’ll put it up today…

  10. ryansomers says:

    here it is…

    sauks, still caught up 12″…


  11. thaMANSTA says:

    Could you please post this again? I’ve been looking for this forever! “Skillz Ta Thrill” is one of my fav tracks of all time, this is a damn hard to find 12″… I heard that song on Buck 65’s show on CKDU way back in the day… it’s effing dope.


  12. promoguy1 says:

    Can you please re-up one more time, Ryan (or anybody else)? Once you do, I’ll up it on another link to keep it alive for everybody.
    If possible, sites like mediafire and zippyshare are preferred, since they don’t die as fast as sendspace. thanks in advance!

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