Oh no, not the piano…

Posted: September 18, 2007 by birdapres in Uncategorized

A 12″ Single. An all blacked out MAPL, signifying 100% Canadian Content. Justin Entertainment. 1991, Blast Records. Manufactured and Distributed in Canada by MCA. A single songwriting credit, (Chris Fielder). Published by Fumo Publishing. An artist with a touch of a Mid-Western drawl, who makes a reference to “Northwest D-Town”. Very confusing.

Ontario and Michigan share some musical history. CKLW in Windsor broke many Motown hits, back before the airwaves became the cluttered mess they are now. More recently, Obie Trice’s pre-Shady Records production was put down by Da Grassroots. Slum Village’s ‘Fantastic Vol 1″ made noise in Toronto before most of the U.S. caught on. It’s not a very long drive.

So after a few conversations and a quick google check, I seem to have put it together. Chris Fielder was a Canadian house producer. RazorBlayd was indeed from The D, and he’s now known as Axman. From his myspace bio…

“Axman was born on the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan and was the last of ten kids. So you already know that there were survival issues. Being around his two older brothers is what really sparked his musical interest because they had a record collection that was large and versatile. His older brother also had a little basement band which was always a treat to watch from the basement steps. This led to Ax being involved with the music programs at school from the 4th grade all the way through high school. In 1985 he and his family moved to Windor, Ontario which is right across the river from Detroit. He immediately joined forces with three other rappers from Detroit and a D.J. from Windsor. Even though some would disagree, it is a fact that this is what started the hip-hop movement in Windsor. Axman, along with the other members rocked numerous shows and soon gained respect in Windsor and Detroit. Axman soon started producing different local talent and even was a member of several bands. He moved to Toronto in 1990 to produce for an independent lable which led to his debut album, “Razorblayd (Razor’s Gruv)” , a distribution deal with MCA Canada and an appearance on the then popular dance show, Electric Circus. The album did fairly well. After two years in Toronto Axman went back to Detroit to spend time with his family and to set up shop in his hometown.”

A shout out to DJ Sipreano for supplying the photo, and for hipping me to this record.

– Birdapres

“Razor’s Gruv”

“Razor’s Gruv (Remix)”

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  1. sipreano says:

    DJ? lol… i can rock a party w/ folk songs or make an audience of 70s housewives wet w/ my CDN EZ selections…

  2. sipreano says:

    DJ? lol… i can rock a party w/ folk songs or make an audience of 70s housewives wet w/ my CDN EZ selections… that’s about it…

  3. sipreano says:

    shit, that’s a dupe… i’m ghost…

  4. birdapres says:

    I was going to call you MC Sipreano.

  5. Kayyce says:

    That was a cool write up on Axman but there were other Windsor MCès doing big also like Essex Court and Lyrical Bliss. Now we got groups like Academy, Raw Camp, The Miclordz with Sauce Funky, Ritt Theme, So-liva, TRP, Canada South, and GCB. You should check them out also…

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