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the Board At Ckln Halifax

Rusty Hooks 12' cover
1.Rusty Hooks (Dirty) 03:10

2.Rusty Hooks (Radio) 03:10

3.Rusty Hooks (Instrumental) 03:10

4.Rusty Hooks (Acapella) 02:43

5.Fatt Mattlock 01:52

6.Nightlife (Dirty) 03:50

7.Nightlife (Radio) 03:48

8.Nightlife (Instrumental) 03:48

9.Fatt’s Gonna Getcha 04:34

DJ Critical

Buck 65 using the moniker DJ Critical, hosted a hip-hop show on CKDU Halifax called The Bassment (later renamed The Treatment Program when he assumed the stage name Jesus Murphy). The Bassment was definatly the best hiphop radio i had heard to date rivaling alot of Toronto and New York programs i had heard at the time. I dug out all my own taped radio shows and also borrowed Gord-ski’s library of tapes and dumped them all to protools where i semi-mastered and fixed abit. Hope you enjoy them. Theres 9 or 10 in all including a show Dj Critical did interviewing Stinkin Rich (himself) called Music In Exile, which is dope also. I dunno what year that was. I’ll be upping one of these a day til im dun. Leave comments please tell yer friends ect..ect… hope ya like it , i know i loved listening to all of these! Halifax HipHop was Sooo Dope then.

First One
Oct 92′ – featuring Dj Critical & Jo Run – This was the first time my group was on the radio (Hip Club Groove). We had won a talent contest in the north end of halifax and the price was a 4 song demo. We invited Jo Run into the stidio to check us record (first time we recorded in a studio too) Gordski and I made the beats and cuts and Sixtoo, Chek Love and M88Kenzie were the lyricists at that point we were in grade 11. There will be a new H.C.G. Album Avilable on or itunes in the coming months of old stuff never released as well as the 4 song demo for radio we recorded then a year b4 Trailer Park HipHop, called “unreleased”

Her first 12′ ever produced by Krs1 and Scott LaRock from B.D.P.

A1 Elements Of Style
A2 Elements Of Style (Instrumental)
B1 Run For Cover
B2 Run For Cover (Instrumental)

Lowpressure On itunes.!!

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