kyprios – mic tease

Posted: September 16, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


kyprios – mic tease
(demo, 2001?)


1. ariel
2. sarafina
3. that’s my mic
4. masters
5. age of enlightenment
6. my johnson
7. sonny blue

i first me kyprios around 2001. the details are a little hazy, but i’m pretty sure we first met up through mutual friends while i was out in vancouver working for battle axe records. kyprios was part of the group sweatshop union, which was made up of a few different groups and solo artists, and they had just released their local 604 album, which mad child (swollen members) had decided to re-release on his underworld/battle axe imprint. fast forward a year later, i’m back east, doing my a&r thing at universal music, and kyprios ends up moving to toronto as well. our paths crossed on more than a number of times, with freestyle sessions, industry parties, and pub beers being the norm. with the success of swollen members, of course, industry eyes were on vancouver’s hip-hop scene, and, more specifically, the battle axe records roster of artists. this is his solo demo he had circulating around that time. i remember having a few conversations with his manager at the time, and although i liked kyprios as a person, and could see a lot of potential in his music, i didn’t see him as being a good fit for universal at the time. charismatic, skilled on the mic, and with some poetry/acting credits to his belt, it’s easy to see why sony records picked kyprios up for a solo deal. i’ll post his sony record up in the next day or two. also check out his three releases with sweatshop union, all of which i have already posted on here.

not sure what he’s up to right now, as he seems to have been relatively quiet for the last little while. or perhaps i’m simply out of the loop?

-fritz tha cat

  1. Bailey says:

    Wondering if theres any chance you can re-up this or any kyprios excluding say something, bought that album but other work by him is few and far between to find.

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