thesis sahib – loved ones (2006)

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thesis sahib – loved ones
(2006, clothes horse records)


Track Listing:
01. Dengue
02. The Butcher’s Daughter
03. I’ll Ride Away *End
04. Mud Pies
05. Thought This as Thoughtless
06. With What We Have
07. How Fortunate
08. On Secondhand
09. Twenty Sick Sweet Teeth
10. Plastic Spoons
11. Punk Rock Soccer Mom
12. Stuffed as a Champion
13. * Abandon
14. Part of the Family
15. And So and So
16. On the Road to Rotting
17. The King’s Men * Lets See
18. Useless Honest
19. Near the Low Stream
20. Crawling on Your Needs
21. A Different * Lullabies
22. Inside Voices
23. Eavesdrops
24. Calling Home
25. Action Man
26. Laugh Lines
27. Sleep to the Sound of…
28. The List * Thin Veil
29. Again and the Guilty Man
30. Face and Hands

bio from here:

Thesis Sahib has been contributing to the underground hip hop movement for the past thirteen years, both as an innovative rapper and a well known graffiti artist. His articulate, rapid-fire delivery, harmonic vocals and imaginative lyrics have graced an impressive catalogue of sought after releases on CD and vinyl.

Thesis has recorded a number of solo projects and collaborative works with Bending Mouth, Imaginary Friends, Les Swashbuckeling Napoleon’s and on his latest venture as the front man with the group HOWL. These releases have created a buzz within the underground and have received considerable air play on radio stations across North America and Europe. With production from underground legends such as Backburner Recordings, Joey Beats (Non Prophets) and Anticon’s Sixtoo and Alias, Thesis has become a permanent name within the realm of contemporary underground hip hop.

Thesis has toured North America several times performing with many well known artists such as, Buck 65, Busdriver, Adeem, Swollen Members, Sweat Shop Union and the Shape Shifters. Chosen in to play the 2005 Canadian dates in the WARPED TOUR with his band “HOWL,” Thesis in the same year was also nominated as Urban Artist of the Year for the Jack Richardson Awards. Currently Thesis is focusing on live shows as a solo rapper, accompanied by DJ Dubble.

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