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Lord Knows What – The Podcast!!

Posted: March 13, 2012 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized


Ok so we’re gonna try our hand at the podcast world, taking the name from the old radio show and following the format here.. all canadian.

Still working out the kinks of presentation and all that but here’s a link to the first episode for you to check out… let us know what you think!


Not Itunes

Fell free to leave feedback! Donairs for everyone!!

– Jay O


My Good Homies J-Ras and Factor F make up Afterhours R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H., dope 12′ from vancity in 99′
cuts by the legendary Kilo-cee the best dj ever to come from vancouver b.c. canada
-Big Moves

My Homie Stubbrocks’ first release, hes one of the best rappers in canada. Him and Aleus. Nextraterrestrials, Astral Majesty Creations.

A.1- Isolated Showers – Death Through Open Eyes feat. Seolun & Talk Secrecy (Vocal)
A.2- Isolated Showers – Death Through Open Eyes (Instrumental)
B.1 -Isolated Showers – In Between (Vocal)
B.2 -Isolated Showers – In Between (Instrumental)
-Big Moves

A Weird Studio Comp with a bunch a different groups, on it has Haltown Projex in the late 90’s id say. the rest of this 12′ was just shit , ya didnt wanna hear it, this time around haltown is Witchdoc Jorun, Flexman, Skillz(Sandman) and Papa Grand.