da grassroots – passage through time (1999)

Posted: September 14, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


da grassroots – passage through time
(1999, conception records)


1. Intro
2. Spears of Ice f/Q-Bot
3. Thematics f/Arcee
4. Eternal f/K-Os & Thrust
5. Precious Metals f/Ghetto Concept
6. Kenny’s Query
7. Last Days f/Marvel & G-Knight
8. Price of Livin’ f/Mr.Roam from the Plant
9. Pylar Sanchez f/Remy Rezzin’
10. Intermission
11. Informercial
12. Postal Work f/Mr.Roam from the Plant
13. Body Language f/Saukrates & Choclair
14. The Approach
15. Black Dove f/Schizm
16. Kenny’s Theme
17. Melancholy Blue
18. Political Proverbs f/Cryp2nite & Q-Bot
19. A Mother’s Love
20. Born II Roam f/Mr.Roam from the Plant
21. Revival (Three Rhyme Superstars) f/Arcee, Schizm, Fatski, & DJ S.O.S.
22. Drama f/Elemental (Bonus Track)
23. Living Underwater f/Elemental (Bonus Track)
24. Living Underwater

review from amazon:

Masters of understated musical eloquence, production trio Da Grassroots have been key figures in the rise of the Toronto hip-hop scene. For their full-length debut, they’ve recruited a bunch of sharp hometown MCs to bless their tracks. Obviously vinyl junkies, Mr. Attic, Swiff, and Mr. Murray raid their crates to serve up sophisticated arrangements that consistently fit the MCs’ flows and deliver head-nodding satisfaction. The snaky guitar loop on “Body Language,” featuring Saukrates and Choclair, connects lovely with the lascivious rhyme content, while “Postal Work”‘s off- kilter dub workout fuels Mr. Roam’s random verbals. Everything from apocalyptic visions (“Last Days”) to throwback pass-the-mic sessions (“Revival”) are delivered by the MCs, but the trio maintain cohesive sonic control over the proceedings, weaving in a chilled-out instrumental (“Melancholy Blue”) and archaic soundbites, to hone a deftly executed platter of complementary beats and rhymes. This is what good music sounds like. –Del F. Cowie

fritz tha cat

[shout out to my man mista d, cuz i got it from his blog.]

  1. birdapres says:

    I really love this record.

  2. sipreano says:

    one time supreme gave me a CD of this at a record fair. i took it home. way later i drank some mushroom tea at oak and 14th in the snow. driving home to coquitlam i put this album on my dad’s car stereo tripping all the way home… one of my best listening experiences of all time…

  3. Rashad says:

    where or how do I find this CD? Da Grassroots – Passage thru time

  4. nobody says:

    Anyone have the instrumental version of the album?

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  8. Good info. Hope that many people will respect this masterpiece

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