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Members – Black Cat, Dan-E-O, Grimace Love, Korry Deez, Lancecape, Nish Rawks, Shamon Harage, Spidahman, T.R.A.C.K.S., Wio-K

A1 Bye D’Plenty (Radio Edit)
A2 Bye D’Plenty (Instrumental)
A3 At The T.O.P. (Radio Edit)
B1 Plan Eh (EP Version)
B2 Plan Eh (Instrumental)
B3 At The T.O.P. (Instrumental



1. Sign of the Times feat. Boz Faramone
2. The Difference feat. Stay
3. Reflections feat. Stay & Dia
4. Our Home and Native Land
5. Building Blocks feat. Clauz & Boz Faramone
6. Lead Us Not Into Temptation feat. Mr.I/O
7. Inner Power feat. Kotep
8. Reach feat. Boz Faramone
9. Conversations feat. Wing Able
10. Patience
11. Just Believe feat. Boz Faramone
12. Gravity
13. Get Together feat.Stay
14. Time Passes On
15. Walkin in the Sun feat. Mr.I/O & Boz Faramone
16. Reach (Swapp Remix) feat. Boz Faramone
17. AS IS
18. Death Through Open Eyes (remix) feat. Stay & Jae Romeo
Nextraterrestrial group , Isolated Showers which consists of Aleus and Stubs,recorded at Swapp Studio in 1999 in Ottawa.All songs produced by Stubb Rock except for #1 produced by DJ Exampl, #3 co-produced by Stay and Aleus ,#15 produced by Nick Knoxx, # 16 & 18 produced by Swapp, #7 produced by Stubb Rock & Kotep