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Fatt Matt – Life Is… Fatt Matt

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The undeniable master of the Donair Burger likes many things. Walks in the alley, pickle dogs, free weed and rap music. In 2005 Fatt hooked up with Moves, Aidan and a few others to bring us life is…, out on futility records. (wait…what?? it was more than a message board????)

The big homie is still making some music, and be sure to catch him in a 4 am call buddy freestyle session in a town near you soon.
you can get more fatt matt here

heres a video

fatt matt life is..



One of the first dj A-trac records   i was on 4 ways 2 rock (Governor Bolts) with these dudes, Buck 65, sixtoo, Sebutones, Mr. Dibbs then , good times. – Moves

1. Lyrically Exposed (Part 1)

2. Lyrically Exposed (Part 1) (Radio)

3. Lyrically Exposed (Part 1) (Inst.)

4. Lyrically Exposed Pt. 2 (Dirty)

5. Lyrically Exposed Pt. 2 (Radio)

6. Lyrically Exposed Pt. 2 (Inst.)


Dope Toronto shit from 2001

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

1. What (Main)

2. What (Inst.)

3. Understanding(Main)

im not putting up radio edits anymore unless thats the only thing on the 12 inch