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First generation Ottawa Hiphop. Pretty dope. Vid was always on rapcity back then.ONE DRED FRED!!

1. Mystery Unsolved (Radio Edit) – Clarence Gruff
2. Mystery Unsolved (Dirty Version) – Clarence Gruff
3. Mystery Unsolved (Dirty Jeep Mix) – Clarence Gruff
4. Mystery Unsolved (Instrumental) – Clarence Gruff
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madlocks 12muzion 12

1. Madlocks – Snake Eyes (Album Mix)
2. Madlocks – Snake Eyes (Radio Mix)
3. Madlocks – Snake Eyes (Instrumental Mix)
4. Muzion – Rien a Perdre feat. Dj Nykeldon
5. Muzion – Lounge With Us (Rock On ) feat. Dj Majestic

Listen to this Corknutz!

rich dj-jorun-bombaywater



What? Not another early 90s radio show post…..




Pretty much the only place on the Halifax radio dial to listen to hip hop in the early 90s was on CKDU. Dj Critical (Buck 65) had the dope show on Tuesday nights, and once a month he and Dj Jorun would set up 4 turntables and just go crazy for a while. This is one of those shows, September 1992.



– Jay O



local dre gun play cover

Ripped from a cassette 2 diff sources so side 2 prob sounds abit different but whole album nonetheless.  Local Dre was the first Halifax , Nova Scotia “Gangsta Rapper” 



Local Dre

reup – march 29 2014


Some Weird Remixes But features a who’s who of Canadian Mc’s such as Maestro Fresh Wes, HDV, Dream Warriors, Michee Mee, Carla Thomas, S-Blank, Devon and B-Kool

A1   Can’t Repress The Cause (C.R.T.C.) (Alive Since ’75 Remix)    
A2   Can’t Repress The Cause (C.R.T.C.) (D.M.R. Movement ’90 Remix)    
A3   Can’t Repress The Cause (C.R.T.C.) (Radio Mix)    
B1   Can’t Repress The Cause (C.R.T.C.) (Single Mix)    
B2   Can’t Repress The Cause (C.R.T.C.) (Extended Mix)    

Can’t Repress The Cause (C.R.T.C.) (Mix By Committee)


Dance Appeal was formed in 1991 in support of an application to the CRTC for Canada’s first urban radio station. The bid was actually lost to a country station but the video, which features many Canadian stars of the era from multiple genres, did receive plays on MuchMusic.
-Big Moves
dance appeal

The Rap Show (Ottawa) – 1992

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Way back in the day I lived in Ottawa for a hot minute. That’s right around when Organized Rhyme first came out, and they also had a weekly rap radio show. I came across a tape today and thought I’d rip it and share it.

They get silly in the middle of this one. No tracklisting cause all rap from this era was dope.


– Jay O