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rubicon – chopped muzic (2002)

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rubicon is another alias of london’s mike bunsie (brotherman syndicate, genocide [who i posted a week or two ago]). on this demo, mike handles the production, as well as some of the rapping duties, also featuring a couple of other mcs.

rubicon – chopped muzic
(2002, chop shop)


1. ill one
2. murder dem
3. check 1,2
4. round two (feat. richie r)
5. who dat
6. results (feat. rocwell)
7. o-ah-o (bass mix)
8. 360 degrees of murder (feat. da)

-fritz tha cat


ron b – call me mr. mista (2002)

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ron b. is the youngest brother in the bunsie family, who are pioneers in the london rap scene. in the late 80s, the oldest brother, mike, formed a studio/label called “brotherman syndicate,” and released a few cassette compilations, featuring local hip-hop and reggae acts that he produced. (i would post these, but i currently don’t have a way to rip cassettes.) mike performed as “mic fresh,” and was seen on muchmusic and city tv’s electric circus, with second brother desi featured as a dancer, and third brother jason (aka dj capital j) on the wheels, as a young teen. mike went on to form the rock/rap group “genocide” in the mid-90s, desi got involved in the graphic arts side of things, and jason went on to produce other local acts (including my first rap group in the early 90s, “the stone groove trio”) and ultimately move on to find success in the jungle/drum&bass scene. youngest brother ron b. followed in his older brother’s footsteps, picking up the mic, and recording this demo in 2002, with his oldest brother mike on the beats.

ron b – call me mr. mista
(2000, chopshop recordings)


1. mr. mista
2. chop shop
3. hit ’em off
4. no parking (feat. j. malone & who i be)
5. boom diggi
6. o-ah-o (feat. who i be)
7. 1-800-fuck-you
8. boom remix

-fritz tha cat

transit – year of the taurus

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this one is by request for joe…

transit is an mc from london, ontario, who is also down with the collapsyllables crew (bolts, b-side, a-flex, jon diss, etc.). this is a dope fuckin’ album. production by dj tonic.

transit – year of the taurus
(2002, fivenineteen records)


1. 7 breaths (intro)
2. industrialized (feat. ariel)
3. highdayz
4. platnium (feat. zela brown & shrink 1)
5. one (moment for us)
6. broken silence
7. sunni daze (feat. ariel)
8. blind sided
9. traditions
10. y.i.
11. mama bear
12. insomnia (stay awake)
13. part of a vision (feat. shrink 1)
14. playerz (feat. zela brown)
15. year of the taurus
16. nothing (feat. donse)
17. the musiq (feat. ariel)
18. the end (or the start)

oddities – the scenic route (2003)

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the oddities are a toronto-based group consisting of bookworm (mc/producer), j-starrrrrr (mc), jsn jns (mc), snidley whiplash (mc/producer), psy (mc) and whysper (graffiti). i managed them for a brief time, including when this album came out. i still love this album, but perhaps i’m a bit sentimental about it as well. not sure what these cats are doing right now, as i haven’t talked to most of them for a while. i know psy has an album coming out with moka only as “the nope,” but not sure about the rest of ’em. anyone know?

oddities – the scenic route
(2003, oddities / underworld / battleaxe)


1. oddities
2. weakdays
3. soundwaves feat. ishkan
4. vortex
5. no business
6. allways
7. pick-up rhyme
8. do your thang
9. late again
10. wicked man
11. one day feat. katt
12. revolving
13. that’s just me
14. black santa (interlude)
15. given it up feat. black santa
16. coming down feat. esthero

bonus tracks:

17. interlude
18. rapist
19. hookers & gin
20. outro

all tracks produced by bookworm (jigsaaw productions)
except “one day” produced by bounce (jigsaaw productions)
& originally produced by fortune (peoplemovers),
“pick-up rhyme” produced by bookworm & originally
produced by sny whip (wizard of odd),
and “coming down” produced by
bookworm & bounce

executive producers: oddities, fritz tha cat, mad child

underworld inc. records
a subsidiary of battleaxe records
distributed by caroline

maestro fresh-wes – symphony in effect (1989)

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do i really need to say ANYTHING about this album?

maestro fresh-wes – symphony in effect
(1989, lmr records / attic records)


1. drop the needle
2. untouchable
3. the mic’s my piece
4. ltd’s on the wheel(s) of fortune
5. i’m showin’ you
6. let your backbone slide (power mix)
7. private symphony
8. just swingin’
9. the maestro
10. tear it up
11. fortissimo
bonus track:
12. let your backbone slide
(ny’s backbone remix)

fritz tha cat

tekniq – we getz live / earth, wind & fire

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tekniq – we getz live (pt. 1 & pt. 2)
(199?, paradox records)


we getz live (pt. 2)
1. radio
2. album
3. inst.
we getz live (pt. 1)
4. album
5. inst.
earth, wind & fire*
6. album

all tracks written, produced and blessed by tekniq
all scratches by shylow; except * scratches by lil’ jaz of the turnstylez
recorded and mixed at definitive sound by chris r. anderson
mastered at the other studio by nick rawson

-fritz tha cat

v/a – honey drops (2002)

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in toronto, there is an annual event called ‘honey jam,’ organized by phem phat productions, that features performances by up-n-coming female artists (mostly r&b, hip-hop, reggae, etc.). in 2002, they partnered with universal music (i was working there at the time) to release this compilation album of female artists from canada.

various artists – honey drops
(2002, phemphat/universal music)


1. intro feat. maestro, jully black
2. motion – feelin’ it
michie mee drop
3. the day after feat. michie mee – break the rulez
nelly furtado drop
4. ta-da – someday again
5. anjulie – good ol’ days
6. belinda – tell me
g-fuss of stone love drop
7. chatta – chatta’s chant
8. tasha t – win or lose
red1 of the rascalz drop
9. true – comin’ in
10. nicky lawrence – dreamer
11. londa larmond – ascension (don’t ever wonder)
solitair drop
12. tara chase feat. roam – like it like
13. eternia – sorrow song
14. queen cee feat. eklipz – rest your mind
15. tia thomas – whatever you do
16. rachael berrry – you say
butta babees drop
17. black pearl feat. manchilde – quest 4 love
18. jemeni – no more dating djs
19. mizza – stuck (in my cd)