The Rap Show (Ottawa) – 1992

Posted: March 12, 2013 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized


Way back in the day I lived in Ottawa for a hot minute. That’s right around when Organized Rhyme first came out, and they also had a weekly rap radio show. I came across a tape today and thought I’d rip it and share it.

They get silly in the middle of this one. No tracklisting cause all rap from this era was dope.


– Jay O

  1. Erin Flynn says:

    Hey Jay O
    we remember the show! And Midnight Caller!! Would love to send you a 2013 CHUO calendar.
    How do we get it to you?

  2. spigotonhot says:

    dope historical upload right here. thanks jay o

  3. JD says:

    Are there any more recordings of the old Rap Show or Midnight Caller floating around? Love to get hold of more of these, used to listen to these guys all the time!

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