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members – Aleus, Kelron Magnanimous, Longstayer, Mr. I/O, Tawfeeq, Wing Able
Dopest crew outta canada ever. nextra.
From Kelron–
…the committed, dedicated, battleworn soldier on the artwork had been through enough to know to have his shit together in any event. That’s why he’s polishing his boots at night by lightbulb readying for another day on the frontline. That was Nextra circa 2003. We had been recording and doing shows together as Nextra for at least 10 years by that point…some up to 5 years longer than that. Our shit was polished but we were battlescared. Freedom Sold Separately …meaning you have to pay for your freedoms …meaning the rich are free and everyone else is soldiering on.


sml hold the front

sml hold the back

Crazy 12′ By Supposedly The First Ottawa Hiphop Group To Put Out A 12’Very Fuckin Rare.


Group Consisting of Voodoo(Universal Soul) , Sha-Naka & Brucie , from Halifax Nova Scotia 1994 Ceasefire Records(Local Dre). Pick It Up is essentially a diss to Hip Club Groove for using the same song chorus(kinda) as Bassment Unit on the Haltown Meltdown Tape. The Song was “Who Got The Soul”- Bassment Unit and “Soul Providers” – HCG Dope Cassingle if ya ask me
– Moves