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Fatt Matt- Life Is… (2005)

Posted: May 31, 2011 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

The undeniable master of the Donair Burger likes many things. Walks in the alley, pickle dogs, free weed and rap music. In 2005 Fatt¬† hooked up with Moves, Aidan and a few others to bring us life is…, out on futility records. (wait…what??¬† it was more than a message board????)

The big homie is still making some music, and be sure to catch him in a 4 am call buddy freestyle session in a town near you soon.




– Jay O


we’ve been so excited about this bin laden shit we forgot we ran a blog here.sorry!

so back when we posted HDVs first album i put the call out there for a link to the video “pimp of the microphone”

well the response was overwhelming!! (a/k/a i just found it myself on youtube last week)

so here it is for everyone to bask in its glory.

and since we here at living underwater are huge hdv fans i’ll add him performing the song live and the video for “secret” as well.

– Jay O

I Did A Remix For My Mello Pip Skid Heres The Full Ep
check the label Marathon Of Dope Out Also, Very Good Stuff

Tens of Dollars (Original Kutdown Mix)
Tens of Dollars Part 2 (ft. Birdapres, B-Flat of the Lytics and Oldfolks Home)
Tens of Dollars (Gordski Mix)
Tens of Dollars (Dj Hunnicutt Party Break)
Tens of Dollars (mcenroe Mix)
Tens of Dollars (Moves Hip House Mix)
Tens of Dollars (Ric Hard Disco Mix)
Tens of Dollars (Radio Clean Mix)

– Big Moves