The Sebutones – Psoriasis (1996)

Posted: May 14, 2010 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

One day Halifax homies Sixtoo and Buck 65 decided to have a baby. the result of that romantic night together filled with red wine and wayne newton concerts on vhs was this great album titled psoriasis.

Seriously though this album is a good example of how Halifax was just on it’s own little peninsula over there on the east coast of canada, and really made different, original rap music because of that.

Again thanks to DJS for the digital copy, it says it’s a reissue but i don’t think it’s any different than the cassette version i own.

On a side note…. the 12″ for sebutonedef (first single off of this album) once sold for over 5 grand on ebay. so if any rap nerds wanna buy my cassette the bidding starts at your wife and a turducken.

right here son!!!

– Jay O

  1. fritzthacat says:


    are you serious, 5 grand?
    i have like 3-4 copies of that 12″.
    (and the cassette, too.)
    there is no way i would sell the cassette,
    but for a few grand,
    i could be persuaded to part with at least one copy of the vinyl.


  2. jayosmooth says:

    yeah man in like 2005. there’s the v-dub van right there!

  3. Money Daniels says:

    Major props for the artwork scan! If anyone has the original artwork for the Vertex tape at this resolution, I’d appreciate an up!

    Blog is killin’ it.

  4. nocky says:

    Your own wife is already awsome. And that damn bird will haunt me forever.

  5. Also… here’s a link to the Wildlife 12″. I ripped it myself… feel free to add it to the blog.

  6. dj_cityboy says:

    5 grand….damn i have a copy of this…

  7. OutHere says:

    Upload the old Marz Apocalypse and Trench tracks, and some Benny Blanco if you have it. Some old Regent Park material. Thanks. I am writing here cause I don’t know how else to get at you guys.

  8. moves says:

    we would if we had any

  9. Ryan Somers says:

    seriously, 5grand? i have a few copies of it. i will sell one if i can get that kind of money for it. (since i am broke and have no job and will be homeless in 30 days…)

  10. jayosmooth says:

    seriously fritzy. though it was in like 2003 or 2004. maybe it went up!

  11. spigot on HOT says:

    ouch, hope you find a place to stay fritz.

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