Sixtoo- Progress LP 1996 Nova Scotia

Posted: May 10, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

His Best Album In My Opinion. Sixtoo Been Homies With Me Since We Were In Highschool Together In 1991-94 also he was in H.C.G. with me also (he was the originator of the group, then quit the day before we started recording our first major label lp trailer park hiphop) Anyhow, Lotsa Hard Disses to Beat Factory On Here. This Album Was Made In Toronto On An Sp-1200 at Mark Costanzos Crib.


  1. Money Daniels says:

    The headquarters, for fake MCs tryin’ to cross the boarders…


  2. dj_cityboy says:

    classic hali hiphop at its finest, i have a cassette copy of this i got from a show @ cafe ole, thanx a tun for a digital copy!

  3. dj_cityboy says:

    after downloading this and checking it out, my copy on tape is a bit better quality sadly, i was more or less hoping for epic clarity, i guess thats my own fault, some of the tracks sound horribly compressed into oblivion and makes hearing Rob verses a bit difficult, dont get me wrong though um still happy to have this as mp3’s, tis just not as clean as i expected..


  4. moves says:

    obvs there was never a digital cd released of it so how would it be a cd copy haha its the internetr man, how can people be dissapointed with free shit that wasnt available ever as digital? haha sorry.

  5. Yeah, I think this was his best release, too. I tried to get him to release “Annihilate” on the Crystal Senate EP but he woulnd’t go for it…

  6. This could use a good remaster – fantastic album but the degredation of the tape rips over the years boy, if you dont have a EQ at hand – it’s almost unlistenable (no offence Sixtoo you’re a freakin genius haha)

  7. and some of it was remastered for Almost A Dot On the Map (such a solid compilation – showcases sixtoo’s evolution perfectly. LOVE the song with Lucas on the bass – I wish there was more shit like that out there 8-).

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