tekniq – we getz live / earth, wind & fire

Posted: June 30, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


tekniq – we getz live (pt. 1 & pt. 2)
(199?, paradox records)


we getz live (pt. 2)
1. radio
2. album
3. inst.
we getz live (pt. 1)
4. album
5. inst.
earth, wind & fire*
6. album

all tracks written, produced and blessed by tekniq
all scratches by shylow; except * scratches by lil’ jaz of the turnstylez
recorded and mixed at definitive sound by chris r. anderson
mastered at the other studio by nick rawson

-fritz tha cat

  1. moves says:

    frank morell hahahaha

  2. ryansomers says:

    hells yeah… remember that old school video they did, when ‘starting from scratch’ was his dj, rocking the ‘candiens’ jacket in the video? i rmember when i was like 15, me and some friends drove to hamilton for a naughty by nature/black sheep show (well, my friend’s dad drove us)… and scratch was there, we were like “yo, that’s the guy from the video!,” he was wearing the same jacket…


  3. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    YeS-YeS, I remember that video…..LoL, takin` it back, takin` it…

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  4. Scott says:

    hey, any chance to get this re-uploaded?


  5. MAru says:

    Plz re-upload I’m dying for this!

  6. MAru says:

    SOMEbody reupload this plz!

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