Clarence Gruff – Mystery Unsolved 12′ 1994 Ottawa

Posted: March 23, 2013 by moves in Uncategorized
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First generation Ottawa Hiphop. Pretty dope. Vid was always on rapcity back then.ONE DRED FRED!!

1. Mystery Unsolved (Radio Edit) – Clarence Gruff
2. Mystery Unsolved (Dirty Version) – Clarence Gruff
3. Mystery Unsolved (Dirty Jeep Mix) – Clarence Gruff
4. Mystery Unsolved (Instrumental) – Clarence Gruff
Listen To This Shithead!

  1. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    Good lookin` on sharing this joint homie, been trying to find this since it first dropped back in the day! These kats were like hometown heroes reppin` Clarence Street in Ottawa. Not sure what they are up to now but this joint is straight CLaSSiC, my opinion of course…

    • Smitty says:

      Moe- coowner of – still producing Mr.Krugga (one drea Fred) – google him Savage – went another direction

  2. Spotter says:

    Tell me bro, has got any album or tracks the Clarence Gruff ? I love so rare trcks )

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