Overlords – Overlords Caravan 2000 (Halifax 2000) 192 mp3

Posted: April 29, 2012 by moves in Uncategorized

Formed in 1997, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This duo of Tacktishion and Trobiz are no longer together.

Intro 0:18
Look Around You 3:40
Nice Bombs 3:53
Overlords Assasins 4:16
Overlord Caravan 3:22
Vigorous 3:32
One Chance 4:01
Coleman’s Break 0:39
Knockin’ Out The Clowns 3:51
Devastation 3:25
Love Tales (feat. Cindy Cain) 4:06
Dome Tops 2:17
Dirt Devils 3:18
Trobasics 2:42
Water Break 0:25
Bless The Process 3:09
Steppin’ Outta Orda’ 4:10
Overlord Outro 4:53


change * to e dummy!


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