The Bassment Show DJ Critical (Buck 65) & Jay O Smooth Oct 92′

Posted: February 25, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

DJ Critical

Buck 65 using the moniker DJ Critical, hosted a hip-hop show on CKDU Halifax called The Bassment (later renamed The Treatment Program when he assumed the stage name Jesus Murphy). The Bassment was definatly the best hiphop radio i had heard to date rivaling alot of Toronto and New York programs i had heard at the time. I dug out all my own taped radio shows and also borrowed Gord-ski’s library of tapes and dumped them all to protools where i semi-mastered and fixed abit. Hope you enjoy them. Theres 9 or 10 in all including a show Dj Critical did interviewing Stinkin Rich (himself) called Music In Exile, which is dope also. I dunno what year that was. I’ll be upping one of these a day til im dun. Leave comments please tell yer friends ect..ect… hope ya like it , i know i loved listening to all of these! Halifax HipHop was Sooo Dope then.

First One
Oct 92′ – featuring Dj Critical & Jo Run – This was the first time my group was on the radio (Hip Club Groove). We had won a talent contest in the north end of halifax and the price was a 4 song demo. We invited Jo Run into the stidio to check us record (first time we recorded in a studio too) Gordski and I made the beats and cuts and Sixtoo, Chek Love and M88Kenzie were the lyricists at that point we were in grade 11. There will be a new H.C.G. Album Avilable on or itunes in the coming months of old stuff never released as well as the 4 song demo for radio we recorded then a year b4 Trailer Park HipHop, called “unreleased”

  1. wildturkey says:



    moves keep hittin us with the rare shit!!

  2. jayo says:

    yessir!!!! keep em coming movies!

  3. jayo says:

    yessir!! keep em comin movies!

  4. dirtysample says:


    And more HCG!

    I found my copy at the local pawn shop. No lie.

  5. Despite the massive backlog of music I have to review, I can’t wait to download this and get it on my iPod… As everyone else has said, keep these coming…

  6. flash gordon says:

    It was actually 1992 when I first took that demo tape in to CKDU to get Rich to play it.

    Straight outa Truro, soundin’ kinda cool.

  7. flash gordon says:

    so anyways this one should be labelled 1992

  8. Damn the coolest – older stuff is all dead or no links haha (not that I’m complaining THANK YOU for all the ill rarities – Ive got so much shit to bump today hahaaaaaaaa!)

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