Zoomalactics – Pro Kid (1994)

Posted: December 14, 2011 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

ImageImageWow… we took our summer/winter vacations and got all tanned/fat.

So i think we’re gonna ease our way back into this blog… one way of doing that is to have someone else do the work!

The following post is courtesy of TheStuntman:

This is the Zoomalactics from Ottawa, circa 1994. MC’s were BOZ, Loony, Misterio, Jay, Nigel, Tony, I think that’s it and I can’t remember all their rap names at the time (I think one of them is Sketch). Produced by Dylan, remix by The Stunt Man. Most of this group went on to be in the original Nextra crew soon after this. Gator-Dawg Studio was in some metal head’s basement and this was recorded on ADAT, both Dylan and I used Roland W-30’s to make the beats. Mindbender and Conspiracy recorded the first Psycho Kinetic Forces song during the same studio sessions when these songs were recorded/mixed. It was the first remix I ever did, Nic Na$ty rolled with me to the studio. Pro-kid means Project Kid and they shout out projects in west end Ottawa. I only have the cassette, no DAT, so this transfer to mp3 has the original, now vintage, tape hiss.


-Jay O

  1. $$$D$$$ says:

    Welcome back.

    Any chance we could ever see the fabled Governor Bolts/Gordski record???

  2. Spigot On HOT says:

    WOOOW. Thanks Jay o/stuntman. was listening to the show on soundcloud. Couldnt believe you played some of the Little T/Sixtoo, pure dopeness through that whole cassette. Keep the historical gems coming.


  3. jayosmooth says:

    sent gordski a message about it.

    Me – did you do a record with bolts?

    Ski – I don’t think so. We had a few tracks planned, might have gotten a couple recorded on the digital 8track… One song was about a yellow eyed deaf super ultra horny black goat, and apparently was based on a true story. The goat goes around buggering everything. And everyone.

    there’s my investigative reporting done for the year.

  4. Stubs says:


  5. Spigot On HOT says:

    she was a taiwanese hookah!

  6. Spigot On HOT says:

    upload that shit moves!

  7. Spigot On HOT says:

    also, though you vancouver guys might find this amusing
    whore on sky train wont sit down:

  8. ThaSinistaMane says:

    The link is dead. I need this tape. ASAP. I need to upload this.

  9. jfm flava says:

    can back up this tape please??????

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