Tachichi & Moves – How I feel Promo Video

Posted: April 1, 2011 by moves in Uncategorized

Yet another Promo Off the forthcoming Tachichi & Moves Lp “Lobstermania” Out In June 2011

  1. Atlantiswasreal says:

    Just wanted to say i’m loving this blog. Great mix of older/newer Canadian underground Hip hop. Nice surprise to find some of the rarer canadian compilations like cock dynamiks and bassments of bad men part 1. Any chance of posting those older ‘haltown’ compilations with buck 65 and sixtoo?

  2. moves says:

    thanks man, thats jo runs stuff he is gonna release em again sometime he told me anyhow, hence we cant put it up here. thanks for the words tho.

  3. Atlantiswasreal says:

    alright, word, not a prob. outside of that, keep up the good work. those early dj crucial shows are were a nice find and your wedding mixtape. haha. might have to steal that idea!

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