Big Moves Presents…. Jay O Smooth – “Canadian Club (Booze, Beats & Broads) Mixtape

Posted: January 27, 2011 by moves in Uncategorized

Had alot of dope old Jay O songs so why not right? Dope fun shit right here , most never released. Now Ya Know!!!!Big thanks to Knowmatic for the quick cover styles.
-Big Moves
01. Sixtee9Tho (Edit) – Nova Scotianz
02. Fat Drunks – feat Hed#3 & Cee!!!!!!!!!
03. Shitty Car feat. Hed#3
04. It Don’t Matter feat Fess
05. The Logdrivers Waltz
06. Don’t Look feat. Boz Faramone
07. Shotgun feat. Masadon
08. Riggity Rap feat. Wild Turkey
09. Donair Meat
10. Spontanious 2 feat. Buck 65, Governor Bolts, Bird Apres, Mastadon, Mindbender, Tachichi, Obe Won, GordSki, Cee!!!!!!!!, Ryan Styles, Kotep Omegatron & J-Ras
11. Donair Sauce
12. Yay Wide Gap feat. Hed#3, Kaboom & Cee!!!!!!!!
13. Rapsling pt. 2 feat. No Class Bobby Bass, Big Joey Petipas, Drunkzilla, Ricky Rukshackle & Paul Bearer
14. Metal Queen
15. Funnel feat. Governor Bolts & Stubrock
16. Downtown
17. Your Wife feat. Kotep Omegatron & Nate Dogg
18. DJ Neoterik Mixtape Verse
19. 235 Montrose feat. Marc Cantstandya, Stubrock & Kotep Omegatron
20. 12 Brew
21. Heat feat. M88Kenzie
22. Pimp Daddy Supreme (Rock N Hole)
23. I Used To Drink Her feat. Stubrock
24. The Biggest Ass feat. Fatt Matt
25. Good 2 U (Demo) feat. The Stuntman
26. Briquettes – feat. Ryan Styles
27. Frontman/Hypeman feat. Canada’s Own Druncnes Mnstr
28. Nova Scotia feat.Drunken Arseholes and Fatt Matt

Soundcloud Link

  1. spigot on HOT says:

    EPIC, but link gives me error page.

  2. spigot on HOT says:

    cool man thanks. anyway you can shoot me an email with a mp3?

  3. moves says:

    download it from soundcloud why dont ya? haha

  4. alflex519 says:

    hawt shit,like hawt grits

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