Drunken Arseholes New Lp and Vid

Posted: December 11, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

Yup the new Drunken Arseholes (Myself & Cee!!!!!!!!)LP – Fight Death is available online now as well as all the other Lowpressure releases u loved.

Right here

01. Cancerous (Shit Blood) 03:15
02. Boykissers (A Dedication to Catholic Priest Diddlers) 03:48
03. The Mealticket pt.1 03:09
04.Hidden Agenda 03:19
05. Gaddam Beers 04:36
06. Generic MC’s 03:14
07. Punch Em’ In The Brain 03:46
08. Victims feat. Craig G (of the juice crew) 04:27
09. Pogie 03:39
10. Nova Scotians feat. Jay O Smooth & Fatt Matt 03:33
11. Kocksuckin White Folks 02:56
12. Pigs feat Fatt Matt & Knowself 03:55
13. Class War 01:09
14. Fight Death 03:51
15. Love 03:17
16. Overthrow cuntroll 07:14

Heres The Videos For Fight Death and The Restrospective of a Drunken Arsehole Pt 1

  1. Jaypns says:

    Dope album!
    just bought it off Itunes.
    fight death is my new theme song…

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