Shameless Plug…

Posted: October 27, 2010 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

straying from the normal download link type post, this is  just a note to let you interneters know that the homies the Drunken Arseholes finished up their 3rd lp, “Fight Death”,  and it should be out on itunes soon.

I recieved an advance copy yesterday and the shit is killer. some literally. like make you actually die rap. I’m sure moves will be along soon enough to give you a more solid date but just givin the heads up.

no download link… buy it cause moves needs mr noodles and CEE!!!!!!!! needs to renew his lower sackville dooleys membership.

we’ll try to get some more albums up for you guys this week though!

– Jay O


****UPDATE**** you can get a digital copy of the album HERE high quality for only 10 bones!

  1. spigot on HOT says:

    FUCK YEA!!!! you guys need some help locating anything rare let me know. i got a good collection going.

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