Posted: October 17, 2010 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

HOly crap we haven’t posted anything since May!! why??? noneyabizness.

but now we’re back (kinda) and i’m bringing you the one and only lord nose what.

Lord nose what was a radio show in Toronto that we did late night tuesdays from 98-02 or something like that. listen to me, stubs, kotep, mindbender and more all make fun of tom quinlan. this edition was on my birthday so i decided to have a small glass of beer.


– Jay O

  1. big moves says:

    good job son!

  2. wildturkey says:


  3. Fuckin’ rights… I’ve got to download this to see if it’s one of the shows I have on tape… I’ve got a bunch if you want to upload some more…

  4. Spigot on HOT says:

    upload them shits doogie.

  5. Gotta figure out how to get them from cassette to computer some day… I’ve got some good ones, and I think mine are a lot more organized than Kotep’s bag o’ random tapes…

  6. jayosmooth says:

    yes tom! see what you can do… i use a free program called audacity to rip tapes… pretty easy there’s a tutorial online somewhere.

    lord nose.

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