HDV – Sex, Drugs & Violence (1990)

Posted: April 23, 2010 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

Before he was  H-Bomb or Jacky Jasper there was HDV out of Toronto.This 1990 joint i only own on vinyl, so thanks to DJS for sending this digital copy our way.

if anyone has a copy of the video for “pimp of the microphone” please send it this way…. that shit is awesome.


– Jay O

  1. slowtep says:

    man pimp of the microphone ….i used to love that video
    and dont forget about Dont Keep It A Secret, his first song out….video was a remix by DJ X / Adrian from the Powermove radio show on CKLN

    i think i still got the 12inch somewhere for that….he was giving it away at the public enemy show at the masonic temple during the nation of millions tour….

    i think i was 12 years old at that show….first concert i went to alone
    what the fck were my parents thinkin?

    Stupid ass brady bunch kid!!!!!!

    – wildturkey

  2. tony says:

    is there a link to this?

  3. jayosmooth says:

    yup where it says hdv at the end of the post.

  4. Nooo shit eh? I never knew Jacky Jasper had older aliases/styles. Crazy.

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