Michee Mee and LA Luv – Jamacian Funk/Canadian Style (1991)

Posted: March 31, 2010 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

I’ve always thought Michie Mee was hot as hell.

Maybe it’s because Jamaican Funk / Canadian Style was one of my favorite jams growing up as a white kid in Nova Scotia. Or maybe it’s because I heard way back in the day when she was doing a show in Halifax in the early 90’s she announced on stage that she’s gonna find her a man and “fuck the shit out of him in the hotel”. Don’t know if that story’s true, but I like to pretend it is… I wasn’t at the show.

here’s her 1991 debut album with LA Luv.

– Jay O

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  1. DJS says:

    haha it is i again…i bet her sayin that istrue….back in the day b4 michie got some shine…..she was kinda known for being one who definatly liked her men…alot of cats claimed they hit it but i dont know truthfully..all i know back in the late 80’s michie and friends had a rep of being alil slack……….and yes im gonna record that breakn out lp tonight……..got caught up doing family stuff yesterday..sorry and i have a list for ya too

  2. DJS says:

    and i had the biggest crush on here too btw

  3. moves says:

    i like how ya grew up as a white kid and turned into a biege man.

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