Lowpressure/Boozehounds Crew Rapsling Pt 1 & 2

Posted: March 24, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

From the late 70’s to late 90’s we were all about wrestling. We made 2 Posse cuts about how we would do it.

Rapsling pt 1 features -Sweet Coco Siki (Chek Love Shakil), Cuban Assasin (Gordski) , Rockhard Penis (Josh Martinez) , T-Bone (Tachichi), Kronos (Kunga 219 aka White Kong) & Ref Rich (Buck 65). Produced by Gordski and was recorded in 1997

Rapsling pt 2 features -Roddy Rexdale & Bird Renolds (Moves & Bird Apres), No Class Booby Bass (Big Moves), Big Joey Petipas (Jay O Smooth), Drunczilla (Canadas Own Druncness Monstr), Ricky Ruckshackle (M88Kenzie), Paul Bearer (Governor Bolts).Produced By Big Moves and was recorded in 1999

  1. Money Daniels says:

    Awesome. Glad to see the blog is alive and kicking.

    Any chance we might see the Haltown Projex tapes or any unreleased Governor Bolts???

  2. jayosmooth says:

    this doesn’t extract right for me, B. just get 3 empty folders

  3. moves says:

    worked for me, it says 36 mbs on the download. unzips to 2 diff folders and there an mp3 in each. i just dled it werked fine.

  4. jayosmooth says:

    yeah i found the files but still won’t play. maybe just not pc friendly. can’t re-name em or nuttin.

  5. moves says:

    nope they r just mp3’s go on ichat

  6. moves says:

    aol same thing

  7. markmackay says:

    Man these songs are good. Jayo and Derek murder it on first one. Boy this brings back memories.

  8. Link dead? And another new alias for buck Ref Rich haha 😎 I wanna see how he kicks it as ref. I love these old school tapes/radio shows. Brings me back to the days listenin to holy terror from (Ontario? I think – used to do the Murder Musicx4 Hour show every weekend – was awesome, had guests, interviews, live freestyles – phone calls, all sorts of fun. But that’s on some Horrorcore Underground steez from back in 2000 ish – DOES ANYONE (You guys would know – this is Moves blog right?) remember what the FIRST horrorcore/dark-content rap group from Canada was? They weren’t from an area that much music came from, it was really left feild. Used to have the EP waaaaay back in the day (Crossworm, J Reno, Bruce B and Kannabalistik all clued me in on it as being the first wicked-shit to come out of Canada but its nearly impossible to find. Any clues would be appreciated he’ll just to know the name of the group and album would be nice! haha

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