Rumble – S/T Lp 1993

Posted: March 20, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

Rumble was always one of my fav. canadian dancehall artists. I met him when i was doin a show at lees palace in toronto with H.C.G back in the day. We had a dope talk which is always good when ya meet one of your peers. H.C.G. disbanded right after that or their woulda been a collab between us. Shitty. His single “Safe” was an anthem to me and my crew then. I also got a few singles when he was with Dj Jam On Strong (Rumble & Strong) that i’ll up at some point.

  1. DJS says:

    hey guys…..much love for uploading this rumble lp…..being a young white guy (15 or 16 not sure) in toronto in 1983 84 and taking a liking to hip hop, brought me alot of maybe unwanted attention by whites and blacks..i went to west hill c.i in scarborough, so did rumble but he was in grade 12 or 13 i think…and one of my biggest memories was rumble taking a liking to me..he thought it was dope how much i loved rap..he kinda looked out for me cause i was small in stature…sure i was cool with galloway guys but i still got slack….back then i swear when i went to party center and concert hall there was like maybe 10 to 15 white guys who were always at the shows…each guy kinda was the token white guy id say for each hood…we even all kinda hated each other too….one guy i cant remember his name, cool guy too..but you t.o cats might remember him….tall kinda chubby white guy in a 3/4 leather trench and he had a cast on his leg for like 6 months….i remember seein him at shows and sayin he was a trooper makin the shows…anyways thanks for the upload rumble gets nuff respect and i also have the album that krs1 came up here to help produce with michie mee and rumble and strong…..strong will survive…..pz guys and glad your back to blogging

  2. DJS says:

    oh yea i left out one thing about that krs1 produced record..breakin out….was the title of it…i was walking with one of michie’s female dancers/friend jennifer through eaton centre and who comes walking up to jennifer?…krs1 himself…yep and did i catch on to it ?….nope i was clueless until me and jen talked after…..she didnt call him by krs, she called him by kris and i hadnt at that time seen many pics of krs excpt on the infamous criminal minded cover, i should have maybe clued into the size of his nose but oh well…..anyways he was up here to produce that record….so i hold that record in my collection as my most priced record then comes a signed michie record from her first single

  3. moves says:

    nice, good story man! send me that breakin out record and ill up it. write some shit also and ill post it with it. youll get full credit, me none, i only have found the 12′ not the whole album the michee 12′ is on here if ya check back posts. thanks again for the story man, dope shit!

    • DJS says:

      i would have to rerip it again….unfortunatly the quality of this record is bad and one side i think has a couple skips….the bad side tho are like dance tracks that really dont mean anything to me …i did rip tho the other side with the michie tracks and rumble and strong tracks….i could send ya that…….or if ya want a full rip i can do that too

  4. moves says:

    my email is if ya use msn add me.

  5. DJS says:

    by chance do you hit up any p2p progs like soulseek (slsk)….im on there alot and i have a very large canadian collection of albums in mp3 format…..

  6. moves says:

    yup rip it all then ill master it in protools and send ya back a dope copy of it if ya would. thanks alot man. this and this reason alone is why this blog is dope! haha

  7. moves says:

    send me a list and ill get some offa ya. if you have ichat or aol instant messenger than im on there, its the fastest way to send shit and i usually dont have to zip shit. is there soulseek for macs cause im a strictly mac guy haha.,

  8. DJS says:

    i hear ya on that …..blogs seem to be taking over….ive helped out a few canadian peeps with their blogs uppin mixtapes rippin records etc…one cat was with that fm416 blog or something along those lines……..anyways ok ill rip want in wav format or do you want me to make them mp3’s?

  9. moves says:

    wav is fine whatever u want man.

  10. DJS says:

    ok man…ill try to get that done in the next couple days…….a breakin out rip and a list of my canadian stuff….its easter this weekend so ill really try tonight or 2morro to get r done… done typin gotta give my 2 fingers a rest…….pz

  11. moves says:

    haha cool man, thanks alot!

  12. Destro1 says:


    Had the cassingle (cassette single) of this jawn back when I was a shorty.

    Used to play the shit outta my VHS copy of the video too!

    Been hunting this on the web for the last couple years.

    Jah Bless!

    PR, ATM

    • moves says:

      seriously this is why ima just keep postin shit up! cause i really want alot of shit too cause it was fuckin dope! when i find shit im like goin crazy about it haha.

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