Kaleb Simmonds – The Race

Posted: March 20, 2010 by jayosmooth in Uncategorized

So back in october 2007 the homie Rhek said he was gonna post this debut album from dartmouth legend Kaleb Simmonds. Cold molasses in full effect so i thought i’d join up the living underwater team and take care of that for ya.

the first album from Kaleb simmonds,  of canadian idol and welcome to paradise fame, is a beast, simply put. with the help of gordski, tachichi, scratch bastid, kunga 219 and buck 65 this small run album kills it. really. just listen.

– Jay O

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  1. moves says:

    good job man. keep it goin!

  2. p stay says:

    been looking for this album everywhere. Can’t buy it, can’t download it. Could you repost the link?

  3. hope says:

    got this cd ..:) cant find it but just found a thing fulla old mix cd’s and my fave “i dont know why” is on is …IM JAMMIN!!!

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