Das Efx Live In Hollywood somewhere hahahaha 2000ish

Posted: March 20, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

This aint Canadian but me & Druncnes are so while on tour in 2000 (i Think) recorded this show with a minidisc recorder and one of those little shitty mics, i held it up over my head the whole time, except when some drunk fool kept bumpin into me then we almost fought for a few mins there. haha its on the tape.

The show is Das Efx openin up for Blacksheep. Before Blacksheep went on, we went and talked to Mista Lawng , Drunk begged him to do his solo track “i Thought I Farted ” (it was on a 12′ we found one day in london, england and was an incredible funny track) he laughed in our face and said no. During the show drunk yells for him to play it from the crowd like .. 100 times hahahaha. Black Sheep unfortunatly cuts off since minidiscs were only so long. Here it is and definatly has never been anywhere b4 since i recorded it. It’s live so obviously there’s crowd noise and all that shit, whatever, its free asshole!

  1. jayosmooth says:

    remember when mini discs were the next big thing?

    yeah that didn’t work out.

  2. moves says:

    haha not really no, i still think the portables were dope and inexpensive really.

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