Dj Moves – Mixtape 1999 Unreleased

Posted: March 18, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

I made this mixtape to sell while tourin with Len but they never pressed it. (they meaning our manager graeme) Alot of shit actually didnt happen that was susposed to. hahaha

its 25 mins long, dope songs, mixes are solid, i’d say listen to this at the start of the summer or if its nice out

1. Moves Intro Beat
2. Get Stupid pt 2 – Mantronix
3. ??????? (Instrumental)- Kool Keith
4.You Cant Do Me None (Prince Paul Remix Inst.) – Black ,Rock & Ron
5. Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) – HandsomeBoy Modeling School
6. The Mission – Special Ed
7. Cut Chemist Suite (Instrumental) – Ozomatli
8. The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
9. Aint Sayin Nuthin – Divine Styler
10. Me, Myself & I – De La Soul
11. Treat Me Right – Chubb Rock

On The Download its named wrong, i thought it was 2000 but its prob 1999 , ahh who the fuck knows. hahaha

  1. Spigot says:

    hahahaha. nice. end of the world beat intro.

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