Last Bassment show post The Bassment Show With DJ Critical, Jay O Smooth & DJ MOVES (ON ACID) Jan 94

Posted: March 11, 2010 by moves in Uncategorized

Last one fer a sec. I found 1 more at skis house yesterday so ill do that one too at some point. lotsa west coast cds/& mixtapes comin up . i’m pretty sure i was on acid for this bassment show as well as jay o. In other news, Jay O will be joinin the living underwater postin fam in a sec also.

  1. Money Daniels says:

    Major props for upping these!

  2. wildturkey says:

    hahhah havent listened to any of them yet but downloaded them all….gonna check this one first…..

    still never did acid…..guess its too late now

    oh btw i got like 2 hockey bags full of lord know what tapes ….i think

  3. mat labatt says:

    i dropped acid for the first time in was white,got it from the hippies.They told me it came from the greatful dead.good times.i never had a bad trip in my life.

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