Tachichi & Moves- Trick Plays & Long Balls LP 2008

Posted: December 31, 2009 by moves in Uncategorized

Album i did with Tee in 2008 b4 our release of “off the breathalyzer” in 2009 which is available on itunes or thru the camobeardigital.com store.

check it

1.Intro feat. Sam Cooke

2. Gettin It
3. Shit Fight feat. Kunga 219
4. Buy Shoes
5. It’s All Mine
6. The Sneakaway feat. Kaboom
7. We Drunk It’s Good
8. The Streets of Hali feat. Cee!!!!!
9. Mad at ’em feat. Birdapres
10. Neck Snap
11. FCP Anthem
12. No Bra, No Panties feat. Stubrock
13. Freedom Fighter
14. We Gone
15. Trip Wire
16. For the Fam
17. Outro



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