Drunken Arseholes (Moves & CEE!!!!!!!!) -Whatryagay?????(Christ 4 Dinner) Mixtape 2005

Posted: December 31, 2009 by moves in Uncategorized

1 Pcp-Coke-Extacy Spliffs
2 Warnin
3 Pure Respect
4 Ceeeeeee!!!!!!!! Verse
5 Skin Diver 2
6 Gucci
7 Lonly Hoars
8 Cocaine Song
9 Nine Six Shit
10 Ceeeeee!!!!!!!! Verse
11 Jizz Eatin Bitches
12 Catch Me On The Low
13 Private Investigators
14 hed#3 Verse
15 Posse Cut
16. Big Tit Serenade

  1. funkahawlik says:

    this is great! canadian rap back on on trax. could you also re-upload the albums uploaded in 2007? especially the one of Phatt Al – the lofi factor?
    thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  2. SpigotOnHOT says:

    any news on that new arseholes?

    also, you should try and get those gone dumb mixtapes up there. still wanna hear that just the two of us remix again.

    much love from texas.

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