various – planet mars ep (1998)

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various – planet mars ep

(1998, knee deep records)


A1 – Solitair, Marvel, & Choclair – Conversation
A2 – Kardinall Offishall – Rhyme, Shine & Buss
A3 – Nefarius – No Chorus
B1 – Frankenstein (A.K.A. Frankie Ano) – Lab Experiment 22
B2 – Thrust – Emcee
B3 – K-OS – Freestyle

thanks to time4sumaksion for the link.

  1. PAS says:

    Hello there.

    I just found this awesome site of yours.
    But those *harkles* at sendspace seem to be real cheap about uploads lifespan!
    Please if you could re-up this album:

    v/a – the bassments of bad men (1996)

    Way back when, we used to tape each others taped tapes to get this kind of hiphop.It would make this swedish heads day if you could.Ill be back anyway but still!;)


  2. PAS says:

    Please people of this great site, could you re-up this album?

    v/a – the bassments of bad men (1996)

    all the swedish heads will be forever grateful.


  3. PAS says:

    o and please feel free to delete one of those comments thank you.

    and have a good one!

  4. stone says:

    yo just discovered your blog like 2 days ago i missed a few posts if you might re-up,

    maximum definitive – jungle man (1993)
    supreme being unit – mental reverse (1997)
    thousand sense – intellect (1999)
    v/a – rap essentials vol. 2 (1997)
    v/a – the bassments of bad men (1996)
    v/a – rap essentials 2001
    maestro – built to last (2002)

    i would really appreciate fam!

  5. ryansomers says:

    i won’t be able to up any new stuff until at least december, as i am touring/travelling/moving/writing and just otherwise way too busy… so hopefully some of the other readers will help you out…

  6. C Banga! says:

    This was a dope 12″ (pause)

    I remember the 2swift household winning a soundclash solely off the response of “rhyme shine & buss”

    That Nefarius track had Kwesro on it! R.I.P.!
    I remember being at Planet Mars the night they performed… Holy Shit!!! It was crazy… I was rating dudes from those times… Like i honestly feel that they wouldve broken through to the US as a strong duo… and with Don D where he is now-it was only a matter of time!

    Emcee from Thrust wasnt bad either…

    I used to hate that K-os freestyle cuz i wanted it to be longer… and it fades out??? grrrr…

    Shouts to the first planet mars where i first saw monolith, scar bros, etc… Weird cuz as many times as i went, i never caught chocs or kardi there??? But kneedeep put this out- which was chocs company with Day right?

    Shouts to the turnstylez!!! Jas Grouch D-Scratch

  7. frank says:

    Please, Re-ups

  8. Metroid Sam says:

    This blog is really gay. Spritz the shat. He too busy reading/cooking/wearin lipstick/writing raps/touring.

  9. AMKR says:

    I too would kill to hear the 96′ Bassments of Badmen compilation. It’s impossible to find – I just scooped the Cock Dynamiks re-release from Hand’Solo Records – I was hoping they would have a re-release of Bassments of Badmen but they only have Vol. 2. If you get a chance to re-up it, it would be much appreciated!

    Much props on the site, keep it real!
    -AMKR (of Source Auras)

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