and we’re back…

Posted: February 9, 2008 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized

okay, it’s been two months since the last post.

got a pile of new stuff i’ve just sorted through, sitting beside my desk, cds and records, so, i’ll be getting it up here as best i can. got lots of other shit on the go as well, so be patient, but i’ll do my best. thanks for all the emails and comments, happy y’all are digging the blog.

also, a reminder, once i p ost something once, i’m not posting it again, so i ask that all of you who check for this and download stuff, keep the links alive yourselves. if someone asks for a re-up, i’m hoping you will all come through for each other. i simply don’t have the time to keep posting new stuff AND re-post older stuff.

also, if you have something you want to see here, leave a comment, we’ll see what we can do.

and also, if you have some canadian stuff you want to share, email me about it, and i’ll post it for you, and of course give you credit for it.


fritz tha cat

ps. bird, moves, rhek, where you at?

  1. Andyman187 says:

    Could Someone Do Me A Huge Favor & ReUp:

    Split Personality – I Don’t Know

    Been After This Album For Years & Have Had No Luck Finding It Until Now.


  2. SpAzMaTiK says:

    Someone Please ReUp Split Personality – I Don’t Know.


  3. Neoteric says:

    post my indie-cent exposure series! all canadian content!
    they’re all up here:

  4. wraith318 says:

    if anyone has the split personality cd and can do mp3’s of it please get ahold of me ( .. would swap anything i have in my MP3 collection (lots of rare canadian rap and stuff).

    thanks !

  5. moves says:

    i dont know how to post again. i got a new comp and the old passwerds are gonzo
    how do i sign in

  6. Antidote says:


  7. Manaz says:

    if i could help I would. i have tons of prairie stuff I could post.

  8. Ill gladly reup what I have when the links die – esp if someone compensates me the same! haha šŸ˜Ž

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