collapsyllables ep (2005)

Posted: December 17, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized

i can’t find a photo of these cats.

collapsyllables ep

(indie/unreleased 2005)

1. Bounce Back
2. What You Need
3. Night Moves
4. I Ain’t Feelin It
5. Lock ‘N Load
6. Again

Collapsyllables is:

B Side (Mastodon)
John Diss
Tonic (made the beats)
DJ Everfresh 

  1. Ezra says:

    Got #4 somewhere?

    My OCD won’t let me download it unless it’s complete.

    Here’s the Act on Stage remix by Epic and Nomad.
    Beat redone by soso.
    Featuring Cam the Wizzard, Ira Lee, some guy from the Shadowanimals, and the Wordburglar.

  2. moves says:

    epic is def the weirdest rapper in the world.

  3. pottytoddy says:

    Check out my site I am posting Toronto hip hop history here. I have hundreds of tapes I recorded between 1990-2000 (approx)off college radio in toronto. The Powermove Show, The Masterplan Show and Project Bounce. I even got Project Bounce tapes with fritz the cat! on em.

  4. ryansomers says:

    sounds cool man, shoot me an email, it’s acool idea…

  5. hit me with an email too homie.
    interested in the rare canadian content, & i couldnt find your email address on the blog.

  6. Money Daniels says:

    Does anyone have a re-up link for this EP?

    Also on the hunt for “The Birmingham Butcher”… apparently a new Bolts EP (LP?) that was recorded with DJ Tonic in 2008…

    Any info is appreciated.

  7. Spigot on HOT says:

    collapsyllables ep (w/ missing track)

    01 – Bounce Back.mp3
    02 – What You Need.mp3
    03 – Night Moves.mp3
    04 – I Ain’t Feelin’ It.mp3
    05 – Lock ‘N Load.mp3
    06 – Again.mp3

  8. Spigot on HOT says:

    Governor Bolts – The Birmingham Butcher (2008)

    I was personally really disappointed with this realease, so dont get your hopes up. Hope you guys enjoy it more than i did.

    01 – intro.mp3
    02 – I’m Back.mp3
    03 – Apostle’s Hospital.mp3
    04 – High School.mp3
    05 – Lady Killer.mp3
    06 – Downtown Cindy Lou.mp3
    07 – Here We Go.mp3
    08 – Don’t Come ’round Here.mp3
    09 – Sweet Thursday.mp3
    10 – Straight Out the Woods.mp3
    11 – Autumn Breeze.mp3
    12 – outro.mp3
    13 – Mayor of the World [bonus].mp3

  9. Money Daniels says:

    Doogie Howitzer already upped them on the ugsmag board… here are the links:

    The Collapsyllables EP:

    1. Bounce Back
    2. What You Need
    3. Night Moves
    4. I Ain’t Feelin It
    5. Lock ‘N Load
    6. Again

    Birmingham Butcher:

    1. Intro
    2. I’m Back
    3. Apostle’s Hospital
    4. High School
    5. Lady Killer
    6. Downtown Cindy Lou
    7. Here We Go
    8. Don’t Come ‘Round Here
    9. Sweet Thursday
    10. Straight Out the Woods
    11. Autumn Breeze
    12. Outro
    13. Bonus: Mayor of the World

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