organzied rhyme – check the o.r. (video)

Posted: August 21, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized

a few people have asked about getting some older, canadian rap videos up on here. i’ll start digging through youtube and posting up what i find. if you find anything, or upload stuff yourself, email me the links and i’ll throw ’em up here. thanks. -fritz tha cat

we’ll start with this classic bit of classic cornball rap from ottawa’s organized rhyme, featuring the one and only tom green, as well as my homie bigstuff, and their dj who gets props from everyone in my hometown for rocking the purple western jacket…

also gotta love the cameo from king lou of the dream warriors: “wait ’til it’s time to get out…” classic.

  1. Dart_Adams says:

    Back when Tom Green was just known as MC Bones…classic. Let’s exchange links. I added you on Technorati and I’m @


  2. Shaddow says:

    Awesome … I was just in Ottawa hanging out with Mr. Bigstuff … aka Pin aka Greg Campbell.

  3. sipreano says:

    fucking rad video… sup bigstuff??? TSM??? ottawa???

  4. Bonez says:

    check my youtube page for the Can Con archive,

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