len – the diary of the madmen (2005)

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len – the diary of the madmen
(2005, venus)


1. Intro
2. We Are…
3. People (Come Together)
4. We Be Who We Be
5. Good Ol’ Days
6. It’s a Brother Sister Thing
7. Cool It Now
8. Get Down
9. Another Crazy Nite
10. Fight
11. Kookoo Docks
12. Funnel
13. Royal Screwjob
14. Let It Slide
15. Better Days
16. Dante’s Inferno
17. Outro
18. Video Killed the Radio Star [*]

some might say, “why is this on here, it’s not hip-hop,” well, yeah, whatever, it’s got biz markie and divine styler on it, so, there’s your answer. anyway, the second album from “len,” (of “steal my sunshine” fame). this is the commercial version. below is the advance for an album called “we be who we be,” which i got when i was working at universal (len were signed to the label at the time). some of the same songs appear on both, some may be different versions, i really don’t know, i haven’t listened that closely. i just found “the diary…” in a used cd store the other day for $5 so i picked it up to share. enjoy.

len – we be who we be
(2002, universal, unreleased)


  1. moves says:

    governor bolts is on it also i produced kookoo docks and dantes inferno instrumental on this

  2. Dart_Adams says:

    Back when we still got MuchMusic on cable in the States (it was replaced by Fuse, which sucks more and more every year), I remember Len being on all the time and their video spotlight. Marc and Sharon were pretty affectionate towards each other if I remember correctly (that’s a nice way of saying that people generally thought they were doing each other). I used to like their music, plus Marc used to run Five Ways To Rock with Mr. Dibbs.

    I wish there was a site for Canadian hip hop videos…I have mad joints from 1998 to 2002 (when Fuse completely took over) and there are almost no Canadian Hip Hop videos on YouTube. Why is that?


  3. ryansomers says:

    hey, i’m down to start putting canadian videos up on this blog. there aren’t a lot on youtube though, you’re right… if anyone has any, please, upload ’em to youtube, and send me hte links, i’ll post ’em up here…


  4. You can check a lot of Canadian hip hop videos here:


    And I believe Hip Hop Canada has started a section on YouTube for Canadian hip hop videos. Still, this should give you a bit of a fix for now.

    Also, it was Four Ways to Rock, originally started by Buck 65.

  5. Any chance you want to put up that Universal demo again…? I’d like to get that and compare the two.

  6. ryansomers says:

    tom, email me, and i’ll send it to you…

  7. twiz says:

    any chance of reupping diary of the madmen

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