cipher – 360 (1998)

Posted: July 30, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


i don’t really know much about this group. i remember seeing a video on muchmusic back in the day. i think it was for “peeps.” they were based out of vancouver, but if my memory serves me correctly, i seem to remember some kind of boston connection as well. i had a 12″ from them, and a cassingle or two as well, but i never ended up getting a hold of the full album, which ended up coming out on bomb records (the return of the dj, etc.).

anyway, i found a post about them on the crates of ag blog (which is where i got these mp3s, too).


  1. Ezra says:

    There’s some other good shit up there too.
    Too bad all the links are dead.

  2. Quiz says:

    Wordup… G-squared and Clean = Cipher… they cool cats… I remember em from years ago – haven’t seen ’em in a long time… I believe G went back to Boston and was/is in the Kreators crew… not too sure about Clean. I think they both went to(the famous) Berklee Music College in Boston. The Cipher album was done here in Van though. The album featured a couple other emcees that I think are Vancouver based that I thought were pretty dope – I always wondered what happened to them…. one was Sleep and the other was Natural Skills.

  3. moves says:

    yo i got this nextra compilatio n ready to up but i cant remember how to sign in. im fucked i know, let me know again suckA, HAHA

  4. JWood says:

    I have this album and when it came out it was kick ass! I often search to see if I can find more of their stuff but no luck. Unfortunately not too many people know of them.

  5. Phobia says:

    JWood >> is it possible you could upload the whole album.. these mp3’s is dope as a mufucka.. love the Dues track

    • James says:

      I’ve got the entire CD if anyone wants a copy.I don’t think the group was promoted much outside Canada, but “Peeps” used to get a lot of airplay on the local radio while I was in school. The song “punchline” is my favorite…….

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