buck 65 & doseone – north american adonis ep (1998)

Posted: July 25, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized

buck 65 & doseone – north american adonis
(1998?, ?)


shout out to my man dj gaydar, who just saw my original few posts of buck 65 material, and hooked me up with about seven albums which i’ve just put up (including ‘game tight,’ which i have on cassette, but would not have been able to rip). whew. what a day. lots for you to listen to, kids. enjoy. thanks geoff.

  1. Ezra says:

    that’s pretty much his whole discog … except synethesia.

    also there’s another mixtape up on
    if you’re stupid for buck; i haven’t heard it. it’s called ‘strong arm’.

  2. ryansomers says:

    i just found my synesthesia cd today too.
    so that’ll be in the next day or so.

    i wonder who will be next to get the “we’re-upping-your-whole-catalog” treatment?

    any suggestions?

  3. Money Daniels says:

    Governor Bolts!!!

  4. Ezra says:

    Bolts only has one, doesn’t he?

    It’s dope, though.

    You can still get that shit, too;

    I think Sweatshop’s been totally done, Swollen, and maybe Maestro, too.

  5. Ezra says:

    Fuck Sweatshop, by the way.

  6. Andy says:

    Witchdoc Jorun!!! I have not heard a wack song from him so far!!! Haltown Projex!! Sixtoo cassettes! The ones on soulseek have shitty sound quality. Thanks

  7. Scott:bane of society says:

    That shit is funny because they deserve it

  8. jeff says:

    any albums from

    citizen kane
    dan e o

  9. Ezra says:

    There’s a bunch of somewhat older Canadian shit at
    all from Vancouver, I think.

    Lots of good shit.

  10. moves says:

    bolts got a second album that hasnt come out yet.

  11. ryansomers says:

    bolts got a second album?
    is it coming out ever?
    movies, i wanna hear that shit mayn…

  12. ryansomers says:

    i’ve got 12″s from citizen kane, thrust, daneo, and solitaire that i’ll get up here eventually…

  13. Manaz says:

    Haha, Moka.

    Aka not really,his entire discog would take an extremely long time to up judging by how many cds/tapes/records of his take up a lot of space in my house.

  14. TonyD says:

    Boltsy needs to get that new shit out. Any idea if that lady killer track is gonna be on there?! He did that at the collapsesylables show awhile ago. it was rad. you handle the proddy moves?

  15. presh says:

    is there any way that you could possibly please repost this? the links broken as of now…

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