kardinal offishall – eye & i (1997)

Posted: July 24, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


kardinal offishall – eye & i
(1997, capitol hill)


i can’t find the track listing anywhere online, and i really don’t feel like typing it up from my cd cover, so, if anyone finds it, wanna send it to me, and i’ll post it up? thanks. (some good shit on this album, if you haven’t already, definitely check it out.)


  1. Timbulb says:

    Did Kardie ok the use of that picture? Hilarious.

  2. bobmacadoo says:

    lazy shit why dont u type it up for?

  3. ryansomers says:

    why don’t you start your own mp3 blog and post this album up and type up all the songs?

  4. Will H. says:

    i got the tracklist from megacityhiphop.com, and i have been looking for this album forever because i never heard it. thanks! im gonna listen 2 it right now. heres the tracklist:

    “Breakdown (Keep Moving)” featuring Denosh
    “On Wit Da Show”
    “Da Brown”
    “P.W.O.T.” featuring Afrolistics
    “My Niah” featuring L.J.
    “Madmoizellez” featuring Wade O. Brown
    “Make It Happen” featuring Red-1 from Rascalz
    “W.I. Philosophi” featuring Miss Raelene
    “Sweet Marie” featuring Nicole Sinclair
    “Bellee Buss (Don’t Make Me Laugh)”
    “King Of Da Hill” featuring Tara Chase
    “Elle A”
    “Jeevin’ (Life)” featuring Jully Black
    “Naughty Dread II”
    “Friday Night”

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