ok cobra (fritz tha cat and recordface) (2006)

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ok cobra (fritz tha cat & recordface)
(2002, independent/urbnet)


1. intro
2. time flies
3. bury the bodies (remix) (feat. mindbender & vangel)
4. child in rhyme
5. fall dumbass
6. on the bus
7. hush
8. letter (feat. smooth sc)
9. beautiful
10. juggernauts (freestyle) (feat. jon juan)
11. peter’s voice demo (r.i.p.)
12. beer, women & rap (bonus track)
13. child in rhyme (bonus remix)


OK Cobra is the alternative/indie rap duo of Fritz tha Cat (vocals) and RecordFace (production). Originally from London, Ontario – best friends in Junior High – they hooked up ten years later in Montreal to record their self-titled debut album, a collection of emotional and philosophical lyrics with beats crafted from a diverse library of musical influences. Everything from DJ Shadow to Suicidal Tendencies, Public Enemy to Cat Stevens, Deep Purple to The Pharcyde.


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